In high spirits

image - wineryIn a country like ours, pass by a wine shop and you’re sure to spot a large crowd thronging the shop to buy their spirits. Wine shops are never short of customers. So is the case with pubs, bars and fine dining restaurants licensed to sell alcohol. They always have a steady stream of customers and business is always brisk.
The point I’m trying to make here is that wine sells. Just like that. Period.

Then why would a winery use social media? Especially, given the fact that regulations run high in this industry.
Whitehall Lane Winery, a 20-year-old Napa Valley winery run by the Leonardini family uses social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – to increase brand loyalty and sales.

The results: 39% increase in club member sales, over 99% increase in club member retention and much more. Click here to read the success story of Whitehall Lane Winery.

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